May 21, 2014

NoClassDefFoundError: jersey/repackaged/com/google/common/collect/Maps


I am working with spring 4.0.4 and jersey 2.7 and Gradle 1.11 suddelny out of nowhere i build and deployed to my tomcat 7 (latest release) and got the above error.
Worked to figure out what went wrong about an hour.
Than i saw that they released a new 2.8 lately, decided to try it - it worked +

Problem solved for me after upgrading from jersey 2.7 to 2.8
and adding this to my gradle dependencies

Hopefully it will help you too,


May 19, 2014

Create blocking connection with pika


That what i did, watch that the port is not a string but integer parameter.



May 4, 2014

How to expose spring ehcache 2.8.2 to jmx

In this version ehcache statistics is enabled by default.

I am using ehcache as spring cache.

it's easy

find the place where you define your config
like 'net.sf.ehcache.config.Configuration config = new net.sf.ehcache.config.Configuration()'

in my case i use annotations therefore i got this line in the code, in your case, maybe defined as bean inside the xml .

add the following :

Yeah i wondered too why it's not possible to give the enum only .. maybe in the next version... '

Worked for me .