Mar 25, 2014

ubuntu 12.10 lenovo e540 no wifi (wireless)

Go here

In the middle there is a good solution with many votes +50

I tried that and it solved me on 12.10 with e540 lenovo. 


Fortinet or Foriclient for ubuntu >= 12.10

You can either run the regular executable or using the cli.

Download it from here : Latest Fortinet/Forticlient ftp download

You will need also to run this before
"sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386"

That's it , for me it worked both ubuntu 12.10 and 13.10

Hope it helped

Mar 19, 2014

Debug in eclipse with remote web application on tomcat

First ,

Solution is for ubuntu 13.10 but it's the same for all linux as well as windows.
(On windows you just need to change the export)

export JPDA_ADDRESS=8888

Next, run the

./ jpda run

That's it.

From eclipse, go to Run->Debug configuration -> select the Remote Java Application -> Add new
don't change anything except the port with the above port.
Select the web project in my case.

And debug.


Mar 9, 2014

Ubuntu , When Trying to execute rabbitmq-server failed due to "line 85: erl: command not found"

If you get this, you need to install the latest stable (preferred) version of erlang

Download the deb from here :

Execute by "dpkg -i filename.deb"


Mar 6, 2014

Forticlient SSL VPN

At Least at the moment when i am writing this post, after upgrading ubuntu from 12.XX to 13.10

The UI app of Forticlient SSL VPN stopped working and only the CLI is available.

Btw, for my opinion the CLI works better and easy to use.