Aug 8, 2013

Oracle Sql Developer Recyclebin

I wondered yesterday what does this means and why do i have there many “objects” (tables mostly).

Well, it’s simple.

Oracle keeps in the recycle bin information about all dropped objects. 
What ? what's for ?
Oracle keeps this information for “just in case” we will need to recover the table the index whatever.
Which is actually means that the quote space won’t be decreased as result of a drop and will still be count until we will specifically do purge to this data for the recycle bin.

You can see what’s inside your recycle bin using “select * from recyclebin”;

If you want you can read more about it here

Since most of don’t have DBA privileges, this “PURGE RECYCLEBIN;” will delete only our recyclebin.

If you ask me, I think that this option should be enabled (the recycle bin) only in production, other places like development shouldn’t have this kind of fallback backup.

Hoped it helped understanding.

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