Aug 5, 2012

visualvm Local java applications cannot be monitored

It used to be a bug, happened to me on windows 7.

Solution can be found in the internet and is simple.

Close all your java servers/applications eclipse etc.
Go to your \users\yourusernamedir\AppData\Local\Temp\hsperfdata_yourusernamedir
And delete this directory.

For me it worked.



  1. Hi, thanks for this. I am also facing the same issue, not able to connect to local tomcat in visualVM. I have delete mentioned folder but not able to connect/monitor the local web aplication

    1. Recreate the directory hsperfdata_yourusernamedir from where you deleted. Please note this is case sensitive, so make sure user name is typed exactly how it is. After that right click on the dir, select properties and uncheck read - only property. Then start your java app and the VisulaVM. That worked for me.

  2. Thx this helped. I faced this issue after I set my PATH and eclipse config to jdk instead of the JRE I also had installed.

  3. Thx this helped me to fix the issue :)

  4. Thank you, this solution helped me.