Sep 21, 2011

getResponseCode() Illegal character in URL

2 Hours i have spent on this.

String key = base64encode(password);

What's solved me the issue was this "key.replaceAll("\r\n?", "");"

Hoping that it will assist you too and save you the time i already spent,

(The base64encode method based on apache-commons base64encoder)


Sep 18, 2011

FTPClient completePendingCommand() deadlock stuck freeze

It's strange, that this method hangs or freeze for this method.

I used commons-net 2.2v, don't know if it already solved at 3v. But, i have found that my problem was:
Executing this method before closing the input stream.
Switching them, first closing the input stream and then running completePendingCommand() solved the issue.
There are some cases where this method isn't really necessary, beware.

Hoped it helped,

Sep 12, 2011

quartz cron expression

Lately i looked over the web for cron expression maker or validations, thought to my self that if it doesn't exists already, i will write something. That will help us all. 

So , i have found it, it is here

Nice 1,