Jan 20, 2011

Invalid row number (100039) outside allowable range (0..65535)

Lately i got this error while using apache poi version 3.2 but it's still exists in 3.7:
"the poi 3.2 or 3.7 version support till 65535 max rows not more"

Actually, excel 2003 maximum rows in a sheet is 65535, but since than in version like in excel 2007 and excel 2010
the maximum rows per sheet is around 1m. But apache poi still doesn't support this amount of rows.

Meaning, that you need to split into several sheets
Something like this:

if (i>65535){ // or some other number or condirion
    // create a new sheet
    sheet = workBook.createSheet();
   i = 1;

Hoped that it helps,


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