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Dec 6, 2010

An internal error occurred during: "Refreshing external folders". java.lang.NullPointerException

Exception occurred to me after upgrading and using the eclipse helios with gwt 2.1 new plugin.
Don't know if both connected or not or maybe it's subversion problem.
I have looked and googled for solutions but nothing yet over the web.

What's helped me:
Closing all the projects in eclipse.
Opening all the projects.
This probably synchronize eclipse with the file system. Then Project->Clean all.

That's it, worked for me, hoped that it will help you also.



  1. Thanks a lot. Worked perfectly for me.

  2. This solved it for me. Closing _all_ projects and cleaning _all_ projects was necessary even if you have problems refreshing just one project.

  3. Thanks. It worked for me also.

  4. Yup that works for me too - thanks!