Nov 23, 2010

Change IE "View Source" editor

Hi Everyone,
You probably tought about this but never checked.
How simple is it to replace the default Notepad editor within IE with another one, for example the notepad++.
So i have checked this out and look how simple it is:  From what i have checked, it is working also on IE7.
Do it on your own risk:
1) Start;Run;regedit
2) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\
3) Add new key with the name "View Source Editor"
4) To the previous one, add new key with the name "Editor Name"
5) Change its default data value by pressing right click on "(Default)", then "Modify"
6) In the value add the exact location of your editor, for example "c:\notepad++.exe"
That's ,

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