Nov 23, 2010

Axis2 WSDL2Java to work with Salesforce API

Hi All,
After drilling down the web i have found a several ways to generate the java classes from Salesforce wsdl. I decided to publish this because i had enought.
I am using the partner.wsdl from salesforce, Myeclipse 6.5, and maven.
This what i have found, if you have anything to say write a comment, its important:
Don't forgot the add the axis2 directory to you path.
1) %AXIS2_HOME%\bin\wsdl2java -Eofv -g -uw -u -uri c:\salesforces\partner.wsdl -o c:\salesforce\generate -p com.test.salesforce
2) %AXIS2_HOME%\bin\wsdl2java -uri c:\salesforce\partner.wsdl -l java -d xmlbeans -p com.test.salesforce -sn SforceService -o c:\salesforce\generate

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